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Markus Schmuck

Markus Schmuck books are truly handcrafted and the whole process is done in-house in the studio at lake Chiemsee in the south of Germany.

The books are a bit heavier and the photographic paper used carries a high amount of silver, giving a beautiful shine specially in the darker parts of the image. As an option you may order a handcrafted box matching the design of the book. There are standard sizes available but Markus is happy to produce fully custom books in whatever size or material you wish.

If you fancy having a piece of the brides dress as an album cover just let him know… Markus is the person making it happen and guarantees  true German craftsmanship. One example is the book Markus made for one of the shooting stars in Swedish Wedding Photography – Benny Ottosson:

In time for the new season there are some new models to choose from. Acrylic cover in combination with some fresh colors and brand-new the option to print directly on the aluminum cover.