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How much time are YOU spending in front of your computer

I found an interesting article on the webpage of ISPWP about the reality with being a wedding photographer…  Spreadbook seems to be a big step in the right direction !

Just click on the picture to get more information… and some interesting quotes from fellow professionals.

Photo Fair Stockholm 2010

Just before the holidays it´s a crazy time for us – hundreds of customers calling and mailing regarding their precious gifts.

The printing plant in Germany  producing our digitally printed „Pixopolis“ books and calendars for the consumer market is doing a splendid job working in three shifts!

A short statement from the fair in Stockholm where we emphasized on reaching the professional photographer.  Success!

We had visitors in our booth all the time and everyone appreciated the idea of designing books in a bigger square format without being locked to one or two manufacturers.

We where able to display a wide variety of very different books from our partners and got very positive feedback.

One of the manufacturers -Markus Schmuck- booked a flight from Munich  to personally hand over the Benny Ottosson edition book to Benny.
Markus was sharing his valuable experience as a manufacturer of high end photobooks with us and our customers for the next two days.

In January we will start working on implementing the manufacturers we team up with so that the photographers using Spreadbook can order their books directly within the application.

Kjell Post is working hard to make it super-easy to resize the „standard album“ to the exact specifications of the different manufacturers and we will benefit from his experience when we built a similar function into spreadbook.

I highly recommend Kjells book-designer which is based on smart-objects to all of you who are struggling with designing books for your customers.

Have a look at this powerful, time saving and smart Photoshop plugin. You will become more productive and design misses are easy to avoid!

To sum it up… I am very happy with the progress we made in 2010 and surely the year 2011 will be exiting.

German Photographer Steffen Proske mailed over some pictures of his Saal book

Steffen was our first German customer using Spreadbook and has ordered quite a few books now.
Most of them Saal books. I am really hoping that Saal soon starts to offer real leather covers as an option, there whole production line is quite affordable so i guess that this will be the case even for their professional line.

Ich habe nach einen Fotobuchanbieter gesucht, der professionell gedruckte und gebundene Fotobücher herstellt und bei dem das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmt. Da ich meine Buchseiten stets selbst gestalte und höchste Qualität- sowie Haltbarkeitsansprüche habe, konnte mich nur die Firma Saal mit Ihren Fotobüchern begeistern und überzeugen.

Mit den Bildern möchte ich einige meiner Arbeiten präsentieren.

Steffen Proske

The Demo books are in production now!

The project „Samplebook Weddingphotographers“ will be presented in a Swedish wedding magazine, in the exhibitions own brochure  & web page and in quite a few blog posts    🙂

I am exited to see the finished books and look forward to welcome a lot of Photographers to booth B18:09

Visit us at Stockholm photo fair, 26-29th November

At Photokina2010 in Cologne we had the pleasure to meet several established manufacturers of luxury photo books.

Inspired by the overwhelming response for the „Spreadbook concept“  we are planning to give the partners we like to team up with the opportunity to present their masterpieces right beside each other on the biggest photo fair in Scandinavia.

We asked some of our friends represented at www.brollopsfotografer.com to send us one spread each for the project and they send us some fantastic pages for the demonstration book.

Please enjoy  flipping through the book (klick)

The pictures will now be send to 6 different companies in order to produce one book each in the format 30 x 30 cm.

We leave the choice of cover and photographic paper entirely  to the manufacturer and present the books in our booth B18:09 at the Stockholm Photo Fair 2010.

If you are a professional photographer please use this unique opportunity and visit us!

If you are not able to make it to Stockholm in November and live in the south of Sweden send us an e-mail and we keep you posted…

Rumors say that Scandinavian Photo in Gothenburg  will hold their annual meeting for Wedding Photographers again in spring 2011.

Of course you are always welcome to visit us in Sundsvall, we just moved in our new offices right beside the costal highway“ E4″.