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First “Markus Schmuck Basic Line” delivered to Sweden…

About a year ago my cherished client Marit Solblad was the first person in Sweden to receive a Saal Photobook. Saal books turned out to be our second most popular book-line.

I believe in good karma – so when I  received news today that Marit loves our new mid priced Basic Line Albums” it made me happy. BIG TIME !

The great thing with Markus is that he is open for suggestions, and always willing to try out & test new things. Finally we found a partner who makes it possible for us to transform all the input and good ideas we get from our customers into reality within a few weeks.


“Gissa om jag vart glad när jag började bläddra i mitt nya visningsalbum från Schmuck! Det är helt underbart tryck! Hudtornerna sitter precis rätt, det svartvita trycket är perfekt och även svåra färger som klarrött sitter perfekt. Jag kan inte annat än att rekommendera detta album av hela mitt hjärta. Har så länge sökt en bok som håller måttet och mina hårda krav och nu, tack vare Volker är jag i hamn och kan stolt leverera dessa snygga album till mina kunder. Om det skulle vara någon liten liten detalj som jag skulle kunna klaga på så är det utsidan som jag kan uppfatta som en smula platt, men det handlar bara om smaksak och insidan väger helt klart upp det”.


Thank you Marit for the pictures:-)

First Markus Schmuck Basic line album delivered to Sweden


Anna Jarnsjö Lauridsen “Kullafoto” feedback on her first Saal book.

to sum it up – if the customer is happy the Photographer is happy too…

Hej Volker! Min senaste Coffee Table Book kom precis med posten. Brudparet var mycket nöjda, se texten nedan :- så jag kommer naturligtvis även i framtiden erbjuda mina kunder denna fina fotobok! Varma hälsningar från Anna på Kullafoto.

“Hej Anna! Jag hämtade ut fotoboken igår och den är ju helt galet fin!!! Jag hade aldrig trott att den skulle bli sååå bra! Bilderna på Emilia har också kommit och de är också helt underbara. Nu skulle vi vilja ha en bok med henne också! Tack för allt med både bröllop & babybilder! Vi hörs snart! Kramar Maria, Patrik & Emilia”.



Speed matters!

The week started in a great way with a mail from a customer who thought it was marvelous that he got his Saal book withing 2 days (ordered tuesday 10:40 and on thursday 12:10 the postman was delivering the parcel)This must be the new speed record for a delivery of a photo-book from Germany to Sweden…But even better is the really nice comment i got from 2brides.  Isabelle  and Emmi-Sabina  made my day and the whole weekend for that matter!  Thank´s a lot for your compliment …:-)

“We were at a destination wedding assignment and just before we left we ordered 4 Pro Album from SpreadBook online. The albums were for a client living in New York who was coming to Stockholm and we were on a really tight time frame. Guess just how happy we were when the team behind SpreadBook, Volker and Päivi on Eirikuva, helped us rush the order. Read this: 4 Pro Albums 30×30 cm, 30 pages ordered on the 6:th of January and were delivered to our doorstep  on the 13:th. The albums are amazingly beautiful!!! We delivered to Grand Hotel and the client was very happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH SPREADBOOK! Superfast, very professional, you are awesome”!

happythankyoufromthe 2brides

These little fellows are nice marketing tools…

so it´s a smart idea to offer photo-books in almost all your packages. Combine a exclusive leather book with some of the  inexpensive 19 x19 books below. These are also traditionally exposed on Photographic Paper.

Not every one of your customers is willing to spend several hundred Euros “for a book”.  When I get questions about pricing  - and I get a lot of them- I always try to make sure that the photographer values his own work more then the different books we offer.

The art of taking really beautiful  pictures and the work which is put into retouching and designing  is what is at least as important as the printing and the cover of the finished book.

One option to get paid for this work  is to completely separate the price for your work from the price of the album.  Why not take a fixed price per ready designed spread and when the customer is totally in love with his book you give him a few cover options  to choose from.  Real leather, animal friendly leather, acrylic glass,  photo-cover and why not offer 2-3 different paper options?

Your customer probably knows best what he likes!  As long as you make it easy for him to decide. We work hard to make it easy for you to order all these options within Spreadbook. Some nice features are just around the corner…

Talking about pictures & design… Photographer Anette Kongsmark was so kind to send me a few pictures of her latest creations.  6 days delivery time from the plant in Germany is hard to beat:-)

Coffee Table Books till båda bröllops- och barnfotografering

Nu är det dags att visa upp lite fler bilder på några av de Coffee Table Books jag har gjort under 2010 .
Dessa fotoböcker, som är framkallade på äkta fotopapper passar perfekt för båda bröllops- och barnalbum.
Jag lägger stor vikt vid individuell design, så att böckerna motsvarar kundernas önskemål.

Dessa böcker är otroligt fina och jag är så nöjd med att kunna erbjuda Coffee Table Books.