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Be different!

Almost every day I´ll talk about album design with our clients. Design, the finish of the different  albums and the craftsmanship – together with album pricing –  have become second nature for me and I really try to convince our clients to be open minded and let their customers  decide which book to choose. This way they free themselves from  discussions about taste and pricing.

A view minutes ago my friend Georgios Athanasiadis, the owner of Orasisfoto posted a link to Johannes van Kan’s winning album from the WPPI 2010.

I like to share it with you – because it´s different. The album carries a hefty price-tag, (they cost  more than a 1000 Euro for the photographer to buy) still the pictures in it have a lot of air around.
I am not sure what to think of it but i am sure his clients absolutely love it. Sometimes less is more, by clicking on the picture you see what i mean.





Outsourcing your Albumdesign?

The new season is here and we all have some busy weeks ahed of us. If you want to show your clients their album soon after their wedding and you having trouble to find time for designing there is always the possibility to let Susanne design your book. She is familiar with the different books we offer and with some hundred books designed she has a lot of experience. From classic & timeless designs to colorful  fantasy stories with a oriental touch  – you set the tone and Susanne will design a books which your clients will fall in love with!



2brides – QTAlbum and Saal combo

Isabelle & Emmi-Sabina from 2brides are passionate in their work and demand good stuff from their suppliers. I consider them to be perfect test candidates for our books, tough but fair and always very quick in publishing their thoughts on their blog

(We had some issues with a recent order from Saal – probably based on slightly over-sharpened  images).

To all of you out there – Do not sharpen your images intended to be used in traditionally developed Photo-books!The developing machines are tuned in to produce crisp pictures and it is very easy that you over-sharpen your pictures. This is an essential rule that applies to all suppliers of traditionally developed books and is especially true for pictures taken with high ISO.


We will see to that Isabelle & Emmi-Sabina get the books reprinted. I really like the fact that 2brides are offering the affordable Saal books together with the exclusive QTAlbums in a package! It is a super smart move both for the bride and groom witch are of course happy to use their beautiful designed book-spreads in more than one book and surprise parents and friends with a copy of their wedding book  – and for the Photographer who spreads his work wowing people… do not judge a book by it´s cover 😉

Read 2brides comments on the combo:

„We proudly present the 2 Brides QT album, it´s pink, it´s gorgeous & it´s just so so cute! Yesterday we also got the time to photograph the lavish wedding book, printed at SAAL for Sara & Mikael, who tied the knot in Uppenbarelsekyrkan, Saltsjöbaden.
…and we have to admit –  it is absolutely fab!!!
We really like the he stylish SAAL book.  It´s sleek, clean and has a fresh feel and they make an exellent wedding book for the more non-traditional bridal couples that we so often have the fortune to photograph“.


Keepsake Presentation Box

Markus Schmuck is well known for his exclusive Photo-books which often are ordered with a beautiful box matching the design of the book.

Similar boxes are now available in a smaller version as a very decorative presentation box for your prints. The standard size is 13×18  (12,7 x 17,8 cm) different sizes on request.


  • hand-crafted to your needs
  • fully individualized by you
  • beautiful and very decorative
  • holds up to 50 prints /hight is 4 cm in total
  • minimum order is 5 similar pieces
  • competitive price of 15 Euro per box



Slightly bigger size – 19,5 cm with enough space for 2 discs

Kjell Post received his first Markus Schmuck Album…

and I have nothing to add to his comment below  🙂

At Weddingbook.se we have been including customized photo albums in our packages since 2005.  Last year we decided to switch entirely to square albums so that customers can order albums in different sizes ranging from small 12×12 cm albums that fits in a purse, to large30x30 cm leather bound albums that, in our view, is the ultimate way to show and display wedding photos.

About two years ago we started using Saal books as our default budget-album.  But we also want to offer a leather bound album for customers who desire a exclusive album with thick pages and many colour options for the cover.  And last Friday we got our first sample, a fantastic album made by Markus Schmuck from Lake Chiemsee in Germany:

Now, photographers demand a lot from album companies: not only should the book be beautiful and the pages printed accurately – we also like spreads that lie flat, lots of different colour options for the cover, different album sizes, etc, etc.  And delivery should be less than two weeks.
The workmanship here is top class and the page quality is top notch – I’m only sorry that the above photos won’t give you an idea of what the book feels like.  We bet that when you put a book like this in the hands of a bride, her pulse will rise to above 100 bpm and the hairs in the back of her neck will stand out!