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Folioalbums uses only the very best fine art archival quality papers and inks. These archival quality inks and matte paper take color reproduction to a level that can’t be reached by traditional photographic printing. You’ll get high resolution with a pure clarity that lasts a lifetime and beyond. The inks don’t crack and there is no risk of discoloration when the page is folded. Hand bound and encased in fine, natural leather or linen they open out flat with an almost invisible crease, so each image is on full view.

Folioalbums - printed on fine art paper

Images by Sonja Dahlgren http://www.sonjadahlgren.com


Swedish Wedding Photographer Sonja Dahlgren was the first of our clients to receive a Folioalbum and we are very grateful for the beautiful pictures!

To order from Folioalbums, please start by registering your account. After you get your login, i suggest you to design your album spreads with a special white label version of our fast and efficient album design software. You will design a whole album with clean and classic album spreads  within a few minutes! A professional proofing option is included. (Of course you are welcome to use your own software if you prefer this option).

White label album software

We recommend you to order a sample print before you order the first book!

Please prepare 4 pictures in the format 2700 x 1800 pixels, 300 DPI. (About 22 x 16 cm). Embed the  sRGB colour profile. My advice is to send one black and white picture, one with detailed skin tone, one with saturated colors and finally one picture resembling your retouching style.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Folioalbums!