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Our idea with spreadbook is to give you the option to order your books from a range of different manufacturers and even offer the same design in different sizes from different suppliers. Some basic rules make this hassle free and are true for all manufacturers we team up with.


1.) Do not sharpen your images intended to be used in traditionally developed Photo-books!

The developing machines are tuned in to produce crisp pictures and it is very easy that you over-sharpen your pictures. This is an essential rule that applies to all suppliers of traditionally developed books and is especially true for pictures taken with high ISO.


2.) Safety margin- a good rule is to go all the way or stay inside.
Stroked images near the safety margin are design killers. Avoid them at all costs. More information


If you are new to album design and still unsure if  you should incorporate albums in your business you may want to look at this great article written by retired wedding Photographer Chung Chan.


Our Swedish customers find an password protected article in Swedish how to  make it worthwhile for a wedding photographer to offer albums  to his clients. It is the same password as the one you use to access our price-lists.


Another option is to outsource your album design. Have a look at Susannes service for professional designed books.

If you want to show your clients their album soon after their wedding and you having trouble to find time for designing there is always the possibility to let Susanne design your book. She is familiar with the different books we offer and with some hundred books designed she has a lot of experience. From classic & timeless designs to colorful fantasy stories with a oriental touch  – you set the tone and Susanne will design  books which your clients will fall in love with!



In addition to the basic rules below we collect questions from our customers on our FAQ-page